Monday, December 14, 2009

final entry - RIP my dear friend

Last night, Kane was in considerable distress. He initially slept on his mat near the couch and rested reasonably well. Before midnight, he moved to his usual spot in the hall way but began panting heavily, alternating with heavy breathing while laying down. His head was going up and down constantly, hitting the floor with a thud. I was up every hour or so to console him to try and get him to relax. He was also very thirsty and I carried water to him. As he was already on a high dosage of the Desmopressin for his diabetes inspidus, something else was happening.

This morning, Kane didn't move at all, although his breathing was more relaxed. I had to make the difficult phone call to the vet.

The vet came in the early afternoon (without phoning first) to prepare Kane and Margie came soon after.

The vet then gave Kane an injection to put him to sleep. The vet took Kane for cremation by Pets At Peace. It was good to have Margie here and she was also very upset.

I shall miss Kane very much. We had a great (nearly) two years together. He was an incredible canine companion with the sweetest disposition.

Kane lived life to the fullest with every opportunity for a walk taken, made many great canine friends in the neighbourhood and had a wide assortment of food (he was a food hound).

I shall miss him terribly.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

sluggish Sunday, no vegetables please

Kane was very unsettled last night and I woke in the middle of the night to hear him panting heavily. Poor puppy, he must have been in pain again. I went to him and stroked his head, which relaxed him as his breathing changed to a slower pace. Then I whispered to Kane to lie down and he did so.

Today was a warm day. Usually, temperatures above 33 degrees Celsius affect Kane, but today was only 31.6 degrees C and it made him rather sluggish. Kane did walk as it suited him, having a drink of water. He also walked down and then up the deck steps twice (in the mid-morning and then mid-afternoon) to do a wee. Of course, I guided Kane but with the afternoon up-step, he didn't want to climb so I had to lift him. Poor puppy.

Later this afternoon, Kane waited enthusiastically in the kitchen while I cut up his dinner of diced raw lamb chops and cooked zucchini and green beans. When it was dinner time, Kane didn't have much of an appetite. Thankfully, he finished it a few hours later. I thought perhaps he couldn't chew anymore, but he may have been less keen on the zucchini, which I removed and he didn't finish the beans.

Poor puppy. He seems so tired. His urine is also very yellow, which usually means it is concentrated, though with Kane's diabetes inspidus, it was always clear, so I suspect that the medication is affecting his kidneys.

We are taking each day as it comes, one day at a time. Kane's prospects are up and down like a yo-yo, which is not good.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Kane has adapted well to the new regimen. In the morning, he doesn't even ask for food anymore unlike the previous routine of a chicken wing as soon as I got up. It seems Kane has strong bladder and can hold his urine all day, despite having a morning drink.

This morning, I left Kane to go to the city for a replacement computer (the three-year old Toshiba laptop completely stopped working, and the nine-year old Compaq laptop was an interim measure, working for only an hour at a time before freezing and needing to be restarted). Hence, the recent photos being posted to Kane's blog courtesy of Apple MacBook (but where are the PgUp and PgDn keys?).

Kane was content looking out the front through the screen door. He was actually by the hallway when I left and when I returned, he was near the front door. Later, I left him to walk to the shops. I still miss our walks to the shops together.

When I returned, Kane seemed content. He even tried to muster a bark. Good dog!

Before dinner, Kane walked down the steps for a wee and poo. He tends to be able to go by himself, but I like to help him by lifting his hips on the last step to soften the impact of landing on the ground. On the way back up, Kane was fine, though I stood behind him gave him a little lift of his hips. Just gentle guidance really.

Kane is also used to the smaller quantity of food for dinner too, mostly protein and then he takes his time with the dry food.

I think Kane is fairly stable and he is content so perhaps it is best to let him be with the new treatment.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Kane is now walking more and standing up by himself.  This morning, after guarding me outside the bathroom, he walked out to the deck to drink some water.  Later he laid at the front end of the hallway from where he could see the front door, then I left for work.

When I returned home from work, Kane was still in the same spot.

This evening, I gave Kane some of my dinner (pasta with veal mince/tomato sauce) added to his kangaroo mince.  He is enthused about waiting for dinner again.  Kane ate his wet food with gusto and started on his dry food.  Unfortunately when Kane wanted to go and do a wee, he was reluctant to use the deck steps so I had to help him down, and afterwards, up again.  Poor puppy, despite the stronger medication, he must know it would hurt his joints.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Last night, Kane finally walked to the hallway where he normally sleeps at night.  This morning, he stayed there while I used the bathroom and afterwards, he walked over to his mat near the couch (next to the coffee table).  I gave Kane some water and then left for work.

I was able to leave work earlier as we had an office lunch.  When I returned home, Kane had moved to just inside the front door.  Good dog.

Later in the afternoon, Martin came over to visit (he used to live in the house behind our yard) and Kane stood up to greet him and was even going to go out the front door.  It was good to see Kane acting like his old self.

It was just a quick visit and we sat out on the deck.  Kane also went down the deck steps to go and do a wee.  I did help him with the last step, to reduce the impact on his hip joints.  Then Kane came back up by himself.  Good dog.

Later, when Martin was leaving, Kane even got up from the deck to see him out the front door.

This evening, Kane ate his dinner faster as usual.  It was 250g raw kangaroo mince with some cooked brown rice mixed into it, followed by a cup of dry food. Afterwards, Kane went to do another wee but when he climbed back up the deck steps, he stumbled and fell back, so I carried him up.  Poor puppy.

It's good to see Kane up and walking around again.  The stronger medication must be more effective.  Unfortunately, it is only providing him with relief and his joints aren't actually regaining condition.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

some extra time

Last night, Kane slept just inside the back door instead of in the hallway.

This morning, he wanted to lay close to me by the couch and we waited until the visit by the vet.

Margie came over first and then the vet arrived. It was also another vet as our regular vet doesn't make house calls. The vet determined that aside from Kane's mobility due to arthritis, he is in reasonable condition. His shoulder muscles have atrophied a little though and unlikely to rebuild.

It was a decision that I couldn't make given Kane's recent improvement, so the vet suggested Previcox instead of the Metacam that he has been taking. The Previcox is also in tablet form, so is more convenient. Kane was also given a Pentosan injection (as Cartrophen). The vet said that Kane would either improve, but if not, the treatment has bought him an extra week. It was good to have Margie's support as I was rather emotional.

This evening, I gave Kane raw kangaroo mince for dinner (about 200g) along with some cooked brown rice. He ate it all, but not the dry food that I gave him afterwards. Though he did finish the dry food half an hour later. Kane is no longer a gobbler of food, though he does like the ham and cheese that I have been giving to him during the day.

Kane also managed to walk down the deck steps and I only helped lift his back legs off the last step (to minimise impact as he usually jumps down). He did a big wee and I made him walk further down the back of the yard when he finally did a poo. I finally worked out that walking was part of the process. Duh! Kane then walked up the deck steps mostly unassisted. Good dog!

I think it was the right decision for now. If the vet had come on Monday when Kane was at his worst, I most likely would have agreed to the other option. I'm glad to still have Kane a bit longer.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

almost better Tuesday

I stayed home today to spend time with Kane.  He barely moved for most of the day.  Last night, he was mostly immobile and slept just inside the back door.  I've stopped giving Kane a chicken wing for breakfast in case he isn't able to go out to do a wee or poo, which has been the case lately.  I did give Kane some water as he can become dehydrated from panting.  Later in the morning, Kane wanted to move closer to me by the couch, so I helped him walk over.  Kane didn't move for most of the day.

Later in the afternoon, Kane stood up by himself and walked to the deck to drink from his big water bowl.  I was on the telephone and was taken by surprise.  After his drink, Kane wanted to go down the steps. This time I carried him down.  He did his wee, but no poo.  Then I helped him up the steps but he did most of the work.

Kane ate most of his dinner, albeit a reduced amount along with his medication.

Later, I was inside and while Kane was on the deck, he went down the steps by himself.  I didn't see and he seemed okay.  Lately, he would collapse at the bottom but not this time.  After another wee, he came back up unassisted.  Good dog.

Perhaps he has just been sore and needed a week to rest his joints. I'm hopeful, but will ask the vet tomorrow.  It may just be a momentary reprieve.  Kane like most German Shepherds is stoic and will put up with a lot of pain.

Today, later today, has been much better than the last week.

Monday, December 7, 2009

barely Monday

Poor puppy, everything is such an effort now.

This morning, Kane hardly moved.  He moved from one spot to another in the hall way by one body length and that tired him and he barely moved afterwards.  I wasn't able to make a veterinary appointment house call today so made one for Wednesday.

I gave Kane a little bit of water in his spot and then had to leave him for work.  Poor puppy.

When I returned home from work, Kane had moved to the dining area - it's a great vantage point from which to survey the house.  It would have taken him a lot of effort to move about 8 metres.

I gave Kane his dinner of cooked kangaroo mince and rice but Kane wanted to go out the back. Instead, I encouraged him to go out the front.  As soon as he was on the landing of the steps, Kane did a wee.  I led Kane down the steps, which are less steep than the back deck ones and into the yard and he did another wee.  Poor puppy then laid down.  It must have been tiring.  I had to wash the wee off the front steps with water and then led Kane back up.  Poor puppy could barely make it up and at the first step, finally let out a poo.  Good dog - he hadn't done one for nearly two days.  Unfortunately, Kane could not go up the steps and I had to lift him a bit at a time.

Despite the smaller amount of food served, Kane didn't finish his dinner and left a little bit.

I have the next two days off work to spend at home with Kane.   Poor puppy, his joints are failing.  Kane is such a loyal canine, I hope he is not hanging on despite the pain for my sake.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Poor puppy. Kane refused to go down the deck steps this morning, then when I tried to take him out the front, he laid down on the landing of the front steps and refused to move. That meant he didn't do a wee or poo all day. I gave him a snack treat though, which he was content to eat (despite showing no interest yesterday).

Kane's movements have been minimal all day, mostly lying by the front door and then moving to the dining area. His joints are weak and must also hurt a lot.

Kane did eat his dinner of cooked kangaroo mince with brown rice inside before moving to the deck for dry food. He also walked down the deck steps, with some difficulty to go and do a wee, but not before falling on the last step. Poor puppy. I had to help him up again.

The time is coming soon to relieve Kane of his pain.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

slowing Saturday

Poor puppy.  His old age is manifesting more.  This morning, Kane seemed too weary to have his chicken wing for breakfast.  I had to hold it for him as he crunched each segment before swallowing.

This afternoon, Margie came to visit but Kane didn't move from the floor where he was laying.

This evening, I gave Kane the raw beef mince/cooked kangaroo mince/cooked brown rice mix like yesterday.  He took a look and then went down from he deck to do a wee.  Unfortunately, Kane had trouble climbing up the steps so I had to lift his legs up each step (of which there were only three).  Thankfully, Kane finished his dinner.

Poor puppy is seeming more weary.  I fear old age has caught up with him and his remaining days are short.

Friday, December 4, 2009

No more vegetables

Our mornings are back to the usual routine.

When I returned home from work, Kane was laying on his cool spot, just like yesterday.

This evening I modified Kane's dinner. I hadn't cooked the mix like before (with carrots and cabbage), instead cooking the kangaroo mince and brown rice separately (yesterday). So for dinner, Kane had a few spoonfuls of cooked brown rice, mixed in with 200g of raw beef mince and 150g of cooked kangaroo mince. The serving was about half of his usual serving, but it was without the other filler of cabbage and carrot, which was to bulk out his food as Kane never knew when he was full.

After the meat and rice, Kane also had a cup of dry food and he ate all of that. So all is good. Besides, with Kane being less active, his intake of food should also be reduced. He has put on a little bit of weight lately, healthily though we would not want to strain his joints any more.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Kane was his usual self this morning. He was eager for his chicken wing and then when I had a shower, he laid in the hallway with me in sight.

I gave him a fresh beef bone piece but he wasn't that interested.

When I returned home from work, Kane was laying on his cool spot under the bathroom window. Today was warmer than yesterday but not unpleasant.

Kane ate more of his fish and vegetables (not served) from yesterday with another piece of marlin (fish) steak, crumbled. Kane gobbled in his usual manner at first but then slowed down. He left some vegetables, which I topped up with dry food. Unfortunately, Kane left a bit of food untouched. It's very unlike Kane not to finish all his food. He never felt full before, maybe he does now. Poor puppy. Perhaps with his lack of physical activity now, he doesn't get as hungry as much.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday woes

This morning, Kane ate the remainder of last night's dinner, which had been put back in the fridge. When I had a shower, Kane stayed on the deck. It was very unlike Kane as he usually follows me everywhere and likes to lay nearby with me in sight.

Anyway, before leaving for work, I took him out the front as a form of stimulation. Kane did do a healthy poo, but even walking to the front of next door and back home wasn't easy.

When I returned home from work, Kane was on his duvet on the deck. For dinner, I gave Kane fresh pan-fried (no oil) gemfish fillets with diced carrots and zucchini. This time I gave him half of what he would normally eat, but he left some vegetables. Perhaps he is sick of eating carrots. After that I gave him a cup of dry food but had to bring it in to where he was laying.

Poor puppy, he doesn't seem to be as interested in food anymore and he really likes fish. Perhaps he was still full from having such a big morning meal. Even when Kane had trouble moving he still had a bright spark. It seems his spark is starting to wane. I hope that it is only temporary.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday and RIP Buddy

This morning, after I gave Kane his bone, he nibbled on it a bit. Later he went out to the yard to go for a wee but took his bone as far as the steps and dropped it there, so I put it back on the deck. After I had locked up the back, I stayed behind peering through the kitchen window to see if he was settled. Poor puppy, he went to do a wee and then returned to the deck, looking for me through the glass of the back door. He does miss me.

I returned late from work. I went straight from work to the city to meet Jon, who was in town with his work and we had dinner. I didn't get home until 8pm. I gave Kane his dinner straight away, about an hour later than usual.

Unfortunately, Kane didn't have much of an appetite and only ate one third of his dinner. I hope it wasn't from being anxious that I hadn't returned in time. At that hour, Kane should have been quite hungry. The concern now is that he had ingested the Metacam medication (anti-inflammatory and pain reliever) but on an emptier stomach, it could upset his stomach or make him nauseous.

Not a good development.

We also found out that Buddy the Fox Terrier who has visited and stayed over a few times, died today aged 10. He had been taking steroids for nerve damage. Buddy was a great dog.

Monday, November 30, 2009

beginning of one cycle, halfway through another...

Monday is the start of another weekly cycle. Today, Kane was content to spend the day on the deck during a relatively cool day, with some periods of rain. Kane had his bone. Monday is the halfway mark of the market cycle, which really starts on Thursday (after supplies are shopped on the Wednesday). Ordinarily, the fresh bone and chicken wings commence on Thursdays and finish on Tuesdays.

Tonight, Kane had the third of his four meal batch. Another cycle, as each cooked batch of kangaroo mince, rice and vegetables lasts four meals. This one can't really be fixed to an exact day of the week. Sometimes, the added extras can be cycled - tonight I added diced raw beef heart, with enough for tomorrow. From Wednesday, there will be fresh beef mince. Unless of course, Kane gets fresh fish for dinner.

Everything is cycled.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

sleepy Sunday

Today was cool with light rain showers from time to time. It would have been a great day for a walk.

Kane spent most of they day indoors with me, mostly sleeping or resting.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday slowness

Today was a pleasant day. Kane spent most of the day inside laying by the front door. I left him in the early afternoon to walk to the shops and when I returned, his head was down, which was good as it meant his was resting and not waiting anxiously.

I gave Kane his dinner earlier today (5.45pm instead of 7pm), and left him on the deck. Devi came over and we went into the city with plans to watch the film 2012. Unfortunately, the early evening session in the city was booked out, so we stayed in the city for dinner (of noodles) before returning at 8pm.

Kane was asleep on his duvet on the deck. Good dog! I don't like disrupting his routine but he seemed fine.

In lieu of watching a film in the city, we are watched a gruesome horror film, Midnight Meat Train, which I had previously recorded.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday better day

This morning, Kane was fine, unlike yesterday. He was also content with a bone on the deck before I left for work.

When I returned home from work this afternoon, Kane was laying on his cool spot outside under the bathroom window. This time, I repositioned him and then he stood up by himself.

This evening, Kane had 300g of raw minced (ground) beef with boiled diced carrots and zucchini. I hadn't made another batch of his regular dinner mix until tonight.

Today was a good day. It was a very pleasant temperature outside but more importantly, Kane stood up on his own today without any assistance. Good dog.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday bad day

Poor puppy, his unsteadiness is occurring more regularly.

This morning, as I gave Kane his chicken for breakfast in the kitchen, while he was standing, he lost balance and laid down. I had to help him stand up but also discovered a 'deposit'. Poor puppy, he must have momentarily lost control.

Once Kane was up, he was okay and the morning routine was as usual. The gardener turned up this morning (instead of this coming Saturday) but Kane didn't notice as he worked in the front yard.

Today was a warm but not unpleasant day. When I returned home from work, Kane was laying on his cool spot outside. I had to help him stand up though. Kane is having difficulty standing up from laying down on certain surfaces.

Poor puppy, he's definitely geriatric and requiring care befitting of the elderly. Thankfully he's still alert and interested, and more importantly still enjoying his food.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Kane slept out on the deck last night. It was quite late and I called Kane in for bedtime, but he was content laying in his usual napping spot. This morning, Kane had moved closer to the back door.

Today was a warm day and ended up being warmer than forecast. When I returned home from work, Kane was laying in his usual cool spot under the bathroom window. I left Kane to make his own way inside while I put away supplies from the market. Poor puppy hadn't moved when I went back outside, so I had to help him to stand up.

Tonight, Kane had fresh fish for dinner. It was nearly a whole deep sea bream (without the head - about 500g) poached and served with bones removed along with diced carrots and zucchini. Protein plus!

Later tonight, Kane was laying by his inside water bowl but had trouble standing up, so I helped him up. I was filled with dread that he had lost the use of his hind legs. Thankfully, after an hour of resting, he managed to stand up by himself and go outside, to the deck then down the steps to wee, then return up the steps. Poor puppy, he can still manage, but it isn't easy anymore.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Kane recovered from his soreness last night. I had hoped to keep him close by my bed at bedtime but he managed to walk to his usual spot in the hall way.

Today was another cooler day and Kane spent the day on the deck. He was still there when I returned home from work, in his usual napping spot. This morning's beef bone was nowhere to be found, so Kane must have taken it to the yard to 'age'.